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HNM News - Issue #4 | 04.22.22

James Hicks
James Hicks
In Brief
Hey fam!
Hope everyone is well, staying healthy and staying in contact with family and friends.
Tons of activity on my end. From a personal perspective I’ve had the opportunity to go to one of my favorite places on the planet with my family again recently. I love everything about the Mendocino / Fort Bragg, California area - the 4 hour drive from my home to the coast is well worth it to enjoy a week staring at the vastness of the Pacific Ocean.
This mental and physical break allowed me to spend time gaining more clarity and focus on the professional side of my life.
From a content creation perspective - YouTube is still the primary platform that I will use to share stories. YouTube will also be the best place to have access to live conversations and engagements with me and my guests. Reason being, I’m going to start scheduling AFTERWARDS the sessions on other networks (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIN, etc.) So if you haven’t subscribed to the channel yet, now would be a good time -
Content Updates
I had the distinct fortune of being invited to some events for the Oscars earlier this month. When those opportunities present themselves you definitely have to act and react because they can be few and far between. Thank you to the team at DarkPulse for the experience.
HicksNewMedia - Oscars 2022
HicksNewMedia - Oscars 2022
May is going to be another amazing month for high quality, thought provoking content (if I do say so myself)
Along with my regular Tuesday night Team NO Sleep show that focused on the Social Impact of Sports I’ve got the following types/topics of content being scheduled
  • Social Media management for business
  • Process and workflow management for content creators
  • The OTC Listing Process (part of my exclusive series with Basile Law Firm)
I wanted to draw specific attention to the content collaboration effort that I’ve joined in with Dan Mangena! We have a bi-weekly stream, it’s part of my Perspectives IN Focus product, and we call it Conscious Conversations. To date we’ve filmed 2 episodes and I can definitely tell that this is going to be an amazing forum for YOU, the community to listen and engage as we cover everything from personal productivity, social issues, life hacks, parenting, etc.
Tech Updates
I’m always leveling up my technology (the folks at Amazon, Best Buy and B&H love me).
My broadcast studio continues to evolve so that the production value of my shows gets 1% better each month.
I’ve got all these darn cameras in the studio, but have only just recently begun using the different angles during my streams. Thus far I’ve gotten positive feedback from some of my moderators so that’s a good thing.
I did pick up the Sony a7 IV full frame camera and use that now as my primary head-on shot - this and a few other upgrades, is allowing me to shoot everything in 4K resolution. Again 1% better each month!
Stay up on the gear that I use and recommend by checking out my recommendations here -
Stories Worth Reading
Did I mention that I wrote a book?!!! Well it’s more of a journal/planner. But it’s still dope!!!
NOTE: ONLY you newsletter subscribers and YouTube channel members know about this right now as I’m not officially announcing this until May 1.
If you want to be one of THE FIRST people with this journal/planner in your hands - head over to Amazon and get yours TODAY -
Merch News
The merch store is constantly evolving as I plan designs and items that are representative of the “season” that HicksNewMedia is in.
Right now it’s all about the FOCUSED mindset! I’ve released hoodie, snapback and black t-shirt. Recently I’ve added the swoop hem t-shirt which really looks cool y'all!!
There’s the heather grey FOCUSED shirt that I have on sale for an extended period so if you want that color go check that one out.
I’ve also discontinued the legacy HicksNewMedia coffee mug and instead launched the 16oz tall matte black FOCUSED mug - this thing is 🔥
These, plus all the other cool designs currently offered are listed and ready for immediate delivery on my store here -
In Closing
click to watch the video ✌🏾
Stay Focused On You video
Stay Focused On You video
As always your support, encouragement, criticism and feedback is all greatly appreciated.
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