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HNM News | Issue 02.2022

James Hicks
James Hicks
It’s been a while - my apologies fam! BUT HEY, good things are always worth waiting for!!
This issue is going to follow a more informative format for sharing news and updates with you - let me know if it works and you find value in the information. ✌🏾

In Brief
Since my last issue of this newsletter alot has happened.
  • You have helped me get into the YouTube Partner Program - THANK YOU! Keep watching, tell your friends, turn on those notifications (all those things content creators say) - Q2 2022 is going to be fully of value for many different interests.
  • I’ve fully launched the accompanying audio podcast which is syndicated across all of the major platforms. For easy navigation you can always start at to grab, listen and share the feed.
  • Merch store with the new apparel line is on 🔥 - THANK YOU! The FOCUSED line is doing well and I’m working with my designers to come out with some even more awesome designs and offerings very soon. Keep up with the gear here -
  • The Community platform is still a work-in-progress. Since it’s going to be a premium digital destination, I want to iron out more of the details before officially rolling it out to the public. HOWEVER, for you all newsletter subs and other chosen few - if you join the community NOW you’ll be locked in before I start charging membership rates. Check it out here -
If you want to reach me - you know I’m active on Twitter - send me a DM there (@jameshicks) or shoot me an email (
Content Updates
2/22 - Josh Kramer | The Unicorn In You (book release)
2/25 - Jared Spink | What It Means To Be A Creator
3/1 - Sylvia Nixon | Women Outfront - Leading The Way
3/8 - Cyvia Reiser | Increasing The Value and Results From Your Fitness Training
Note: Generally everything will be livestreamed on the YouTube channel, depending on the content and the value to the audience I’ll also stream to Facebook, Twitter, Twitch, webpage, and LinkedIN.
App Spotlight
This section will be where I’ll highlight various software, hardware and services that I’m using that I feel are worthy of you spending your time checking out too.
  • Fellow - Drive engagement and productivity by building better meeting habits before, during, and after every meeting. Think of it as a more complete Google Docs, Hugo, and a few other productivity tools. I use Fellow to keep my Run Of Show notes for all my livestreams. Also when I meet with people Fellow is always open for me to capture my notes. There are a number of integrations available, there’s a mobile app for both iOS and Android and there are browser extensions for all the major web browsers. Check it out here -
Merch News
As I highlighted above, the apparel line is definitely resonating with people and I could not be happier - thank you to all who have purchased gear thus far.
I’ve become more intentional and conscious of what folks want/like so the offerings have been cut down significantly from what I had available even just 3 months ago.
The FOCUSED line will continue to evolve - more colors, more shirt styles and different items outside of just clothing.
I’ve also got a couple of other designs that are on the release schedule. It’s tough for me to keep them a secret, but you will like them!!
I’m also working on special drops and bundles that will definitely impress
Again - keep your eyes on the merch store -
Poll / Q&A
I know a number of you like the business, financial and science topics that I’ll have on the channel, but let’s get more specific. What companies, people, industries and ideas do you wish were covered more? Shoot me over your requests and I’ll do what I can to reach out and session setup!
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James Hicks
James Hicks @jameshicks

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